I create environments. Environments that people wear.

From early on, I have had an understanding of how dressing affects our mental space. Easily recalling many moments of dressing up, creating fabulous outfits and developing my own sense of self. Clothes became a comfort. The only space, since I was a child, that I could express myself. this is a continual evolution. Dress allows for a moment to escape and the agency to create one’s own reality.

In this day and age creating must go beyond ourselves, it must be mindful of the industry and the people we clothe. I reject the idea of mass consumerism and create for reasons beyond capital gain. I create for a purpose greater than myself. Producing five to six garments per season allows me to maintain sustainable measures and practice conscious awareness of my footprint as a designer.

As an independent thinker, I reject outdated societal standards and encourage the evolution of the individual. Apparel is my preferred medium in participating and encouraging this sentiment. Design allows me to examine and create different moments of vulnerability in challenging the status quo and unapologetically expressing oneself through dress. Color, texture, and textile development have become the materials I use most to explore these conversations. I am passionate about moments that create tension. Tension that coaxs and provokes reaction. I eagerly examine the plethora of reactions.

My work is created to challenge social presets and help others embrace the freedom and joy that comes from playful outward expression. When one is able to feel unique and to find the unapologetic power that comes with creating one’s own atmosphere this creates a space of empowerment. A confident, outward expression of self which extends beyond our physical space into the world around us and hopefully encourage others to do the same.